Help us to continue to access funding for the sport of bowls

At the start of 2019 the BDA sent a Club Inclusion and Disability survey out to all Bowls England and EIBA affiliated clubs to help us better understand the make-up of their membership. The information required from the survey was essential for the BDA to be able to offer clubs, guidance, training and support to ensure they have the capacity to provide access to their facilities and activities for all their current and future members, regardless of ability or personal circumstances.

We are asking for all Bowls England affiliated clubs to complete the survey once again. After feedback from clubs it was clear that it was more beneficial to open the survey towards the back end of the outdoor season in order for clubs to give a true picture of their membership once recruitment and membership change had taken place. Not only does the completion of the survey enable us to understand the make up of clubs and tailor our support but it also enables us to protect the investment by Sport England into the sport.

Please just take a few minutes of your time to complete the survey which will provide us with data that the BDA can use to secure future funding for the development of the sport. More than 400 clubs completed the survey last year - help us to double that figure this year!

To complete the survey please click here or go to

Many thanks

Susan Cooper
Development Director