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Club Development Programme

Created in 2017 as part of Bowls Development Alliance (BDA)’s four-year Sport England-funded Delivery Plan, the Club Development Programme offers Bowls England and English Indoor Bowling Association affiliated clubs across the country a unique support programme to develop and better sustain their current membership numbers and recruit new members into the sport.

Every club that signs up to the programme will receive direct support from the BDA to create a Club Development Plan that will help the club not only to provide the best experience for its present members but support new recruitment initiatives to increase their current membership. Each club involved is allocated one of our club development officers who will be supporting the club committee throughout their engagement in the programme. Up to £500 in funding is available to support clubs working on this programme.

Club Development Programme

The Criteria:

To be eligible to apply, clubs need to meet the following criteria:

• Clubs must be affiliated to either Bowls England or the English Indoor Bowling Association.
• Clubs must have seen a net membership decline of 3% or more over the past 2 years.
• Clubs must be willing to be proactive and take on tasks set out in a Development Plan.
• Clubs must have a demonstrable capacity for membership growth.

To apply, clubs need to fill in a simple online application form [click here to apply online], which is also accessible as a word document at the bottom of this page. To apply, register your interest or to ask for more information, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

THIS IS THE LAST CHANCE for clubs to apply to the programme before the end of the Sport England funded 2017-2021 Play Bowls strategy by the BDA.

•    Outdoor clubs must apply by the end of March 2020.
•    Indoor clubs must apply by the end of August 2020.

As we are expecting a high number of applications, we encourage clubs to apply as soon as possible to ensure a timely start. For those clubs that do not meet the criteria, please be aware that the Play Bowls Package is available to all affiliated clubs via the twice-yearly application windows.

The Process:

Our engagement with each club is unique, and depending on the needs, challenges and circumstances we offer a bespoke support package of direct advice and consultation, courses, workshops, templates, guides, examples of best practice and more. Having said that, the core of our engagement with each club involves what is described in the graph above.

To find out more information about what the programme involves, evidence of how its impact on clubs and quotes from club committee members and county officials, please read the Guidance Notes attached below. We have also attached a number of case studies showcasing the positive influence of the Club Development Programme on clubs that took part in it.


Additional Support for Clubs

Club Matters, the essential one-stop-shop for sports clubs, will provide you with support, learning and guidance on all aspects of running a club whether it is large, small, formal or informal. Club Matters offers free, simple and bitesize support to all clubs. To use the Club Matters' resources, simply visit their website and sign up for free. 

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