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Women Can Leader - Diane Siggery


Diane SiggeryI loved sport when I was at school. I played netball, tennis and hockey and was in the school team but didn’t take it any further after leaving school.

I got into bowls all thanks to my daughter who was 13 at the time, while taking her all over the country to play for ladies under 25s and under 31s matches. I really enjoyed watching her play and found it a distraction from my stressful job.  I initially joined the club that my daughter was part of but it was a distance away so I subsequently joined the one in the village where I live. This was over 10 years ago now.

At first, I played bowls to destress from work but I then seemed to get the bug for it and started playing more and more.  Bowls truly is the sport for all, regardless of sex, age or physical ability. It is also a great way to socialise and bring a community together.  We now play as a family and all bowl from the same club. Even my grandson who is nearly 3 years old has the bug, bowling anything that is bowlable!

From bowling, I have begun my journey into coaching. I remember when I first started bowling, I didn’t really have any coaching at my old club. The club did have a coach but the coach only coached in the afternoons (which was no good for me as I was at work, as was other working people) so a lot of what I learnt was by watching others and playing in games. So, when I moved clubs a few years later I could see history repeating itself as a lot of clubs are similar - you join, you are shown the basics and then left to your own devices. Plus, it seemed to be that coaching tended to be male dominated as I hadn’t come across one female coach which can be off putting for women, so, I thought, it’s time for change!  I enrolled on the Level 1 Coaching Course in 2016 after being advised of the courses by the under 31’s manager of Leicestershire. I then went onto do my Level 2 Coaching Course in 2017 and I am pleased to say I passed both with flying colours.  Since then I have put what I have learnt into action in many areas coaching beginners and a mixed triples team who went from bottom of division 2 to top of division 1 within 2 years! I’m incredibly passionate about coaching and have numerous ideas and plans on how to help others to enjoy the sport and be the best they can be.

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