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Women Can Package

Women Can Package

Does your club need more women members? Have you thought about running a special event just for women such as:

  • Prosecco & Bowl / Cocktails & Bowl / Sangria & bowls
  • Rock & Bowl
  • Cappuccino & Bowl
  • Afternoon tea & bowl
  • Mum & Daughter Get Bowling 

We are inviting 50 clubs to apply for a Women Can Funding Package while up to £250 to support an exciting women only event at your club. The application form should be quick and easy to completed and can be found from the Download attachments section below!

Please note that the funding is paid out after then events and completed monitoring forms returned. It is subject to terms and conditions and certain requirements being met please see the terms and conditions on the application form for more details.

The process:

  • Identify date & time for the event
  • Identify date & time for 4 follow up FUN sessions
  • Send your Women Can Package Application in prior to the events leaving enough time for the application to be approved!
  • Identify female club members to run the event (including any female qualified coaches) but ensure all club members are aware of the event and can help promote. Identify a specific role for everyone
  • Use flyers from the “Women Can” package to promote the event:
  • Target specific women groups
  • Identify local businesses and hand out flyers to female staff
  • Ask all your club members to invite a female friend/family member
  • Put out a press release in local papers/speak to local radio
  • Targeted leaflet drop
  • Identify a local female ambassador/England player to support the event – they can help you to market the event so get them involved right from the start
  • Produce banners and display in prominent places.
  • Purchase food/drink as appropriate
  • Prepare music list for the Rock & Bowl event
  • Prepare a flyer for those attending to take away with details of follow up opportunities. 

On the day:

  • Make the club look its best -add bunting/flowers give a welcoming feel
  • Set out green/rink with equipment -have a selection of sizes of bowls and some FUN equipment
  • Have name badges available for members and those new attending
  • Complete Women Can register as part of meet and greet
  • Get participants on the green -make it FUN
  • Have refreshments available for the entire event.


  • Call all those who attended and confirm if they are coming to the follow up event
  • Thank you letter to ambassador
  • Thank you email to all club members who helped both prior to the event and at the event it’s self.
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